Why Parent Ed?

As a parent, growth always seems to be on forefront of one’s mind. From growing children, to growing piles of laundry and dishes, growth is simply a part of our daily life. However, we are often so wrapped up in our changing children that we forget about our own personal development. Thankfully, the answer to learning, reflecting and growing as a parent can be simple; take a parent education class.

It is often said that parenting is the most challenging job in the world. However, society sends messages that we should just “know” how to parent and that it doesn’t take support. Fortunately, the research is growing that shows just how beneficial parent education truly is. The Wilder Parent Education Center highlights the following benefits of parent education:

· Improved parental mental health and well being

· Increased social connection for parents and children

· Improved child behavior

· A decrease in child abuse and neglect cases

· Increased student engagement in school and academic success