Parent Educator Training and Recognition System

Join OrPEN!

The Oregon Parenting Education Network (OrPEN) is a network created by Parenting Educators for Parenting Educators. Our goal as a community of professionals is to build and maintain an organization that supports the hard work of Oregon Parenting Educators. OrPEN is a professional support network that:

  • Promotes a framework for high quality professional development

  • Informs public policy and advocacy

  • Supports professional recognition

  • Fosters public awareness of the importance of Parenting Education

  • Encourages engagement in collaboration and learning

Get Connected! There is no cost to become an affiliate, just fill out the OrPEN registration form to connect to the network. Benefits

  • Free participation

  • Professional networking opportunities

  • Newsletter and electronic sharing of information

  • High-quality professional development and training opportunities

  • Potential for scholarships and training discounts for affiliates

  • Employment postings

OrPEN affiliates have access to exclusive information in the password-protected affliate page of this website which lists special offers, training discounts and job postings. For inquiries regarding your password, please email the OrPEN leadership team contact: Kim Deck. Social Media OrPEN has its own Facebook page! Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates from the network

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