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Workshops & Trainings Due to COVID-19, all of our workshops and trainings are available in online format

PARENT ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOPS The following offerings are specifically geared to enhance the parent and service provider relationship. Through experiential exercises and interactive discussion, participants learn how to use empowered engagement to work together better with the parents they serve. View Our Parent Engagement Workshops Supporting Parents, Teachers & Administrators with Remote Learning Designed by education professionals with Be Strong Families staff, these workshops support parents, teachers, and children in the new educational landscape brought about by COVID-19. Curricula address the transition to remote learning by utilizing both experiential and peer-to-peer learning. Parents will learn how to best support their child’s remote education through teacher-guided courses that detail best practices, while also feeling supported through meaningful dialogue with other parents. Teachers and administrators will be introduced to new ways to engage and foster educational alliances with parents. In addition, Be Strong Families is offering STEAM and arts-based, two-generation programming that can supplement schools' capacity to provide innovative and equitable instruction in arts and STEAM. A powerful suite of tools to maximize distance learning’s educational potential by bringing students, teachers, and parents closer together. View Our Supporting Remote Learning Trainings

FOR CHILD WELFARE AUDIENCES Be Strong Families works in partnership with child-welfare systems to bolster their family-centered, strengths-based, trauma-informed services for children and families. All Be Strong Families offerings are available in a customized form for child welfare-involved youth, parents, and professionals. The ultimate goals behind knowledge and skill building in child-welfare specific workshops are to strengthen families, facilitate permanency, especially through family reunification, keep foster care placements stable, and effectively prepare youth and young adults for successful emancipation. View Our Child Welfare Workshops STRENGTHENING FAMILIES™ PROTECTIVE FACTORS AND YOUTH THRIVE™ WORKSHOPS The Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors framework and the Youth Thrive™ Protective and Promotive Factors Framework were both developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy in Washington, DC as research-informed approaches to helping children, youth, and families thrive. View Our Strengthening Families™ & Youth Thrive™ Workshops

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