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Celebrate All Your Hard Work this Fall!

August 2022 will be our first annual Kindergarten Readiness Parade.  Children love parades but this one is for them!! (and you).  Each county will organize a parade and trophy celebration afterward.  There will be several categories to enter, trophies and prizes awarded.

Building Healthy Families  would like to the parade(s) as a community effort.  Therefore we are recruiting community members to join a Parade Committee.  The purpose is for decision making and networking between community partners and steak-holding organizations. The committee can make decisions on important Kindergarten Readiness preparations such as:

•  Selecting a logo and marketing materials

•  Local contact for each County would be awesome!

•  Organize Parade categories and forms; operating statement (?)

•  Collect data on current/upcoming Kindergarten Readiness efforts by partners throughout the HUB

•   Determine initial budget (within BHF’s scope)

If you are interested in helping organize and create the parade structure, please contact:

Maria Weer at or Lea Nunamaker at

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