Housing and shelter are fundamental parts of keeping your family safe and healthy. Research suggests that housing has a great impact on our lives.  Whatever your family looks like and where ever you live the Housing & Shelter category lists information and resources related to maintaining a safe, fair home life including the following subjects:



  • Housing Assistance Programs

  • Homeless/Shelter Listings

  • Emergency/Energy Assistance Programs

  • Tenant/Landlord Information

  • Legal Assistance Programs




Search for low-income housing in Oregon.


Find a HUD subsidized apartment.


Find USDA subsidized housing.

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Read this brochure or visit the National Fair Housing Alliance web site to learn more.

Malheur County

  Lea Nunamaker

  Parent Education Coordinator

 (541) 216-3101 Text/Cell



Wallowa County

Maria Weer

 Executive Director

(541) 426-9411